Dreamy underwater anti-gravity flying music.

"As the vocals are layered in with the flowing synths a soundscape is created that in my mind transports me to the middle of Central Park midday as the sun peaks out from being behind the clouds." - Earmilk on "Satellite" 

"Every week, we need one song that in 30 seconds or less creates a “OMG!” reaction, a song that stirs every emotion in your body and makes you weak in the knees. Today is the day for exactly that kind of song has arrived, and it is called 'Count on Me'." - The Revue

"There's power in subtlety. With 'After Midnight', Superheart carefully curates the layers so as not to overwhelm. Not every emotion needs to be pushed to the brink when accommodating for the push and pull of dynamics...'After Midnight' is refreshing while having no reservations of feeling familiar. You deserve a few minutes of a pleasant escape you know will always lead you home." - The 405