An undeniable force, EDEN is a 21-year old artist based in Dublin. EDEN reveals genuine talent in his earnest tracks, each of which highlights his process of exploration in genre melding and self development. 

"Latest single 'crash' is a truly stunning track. If you're not caught instantly by simplistic guitar-backed intro, you'll be locked in once the full production kicks in. The lyrics dive into the outpouring of the feelings and thoughts one is consumed by after heartbreak." - Oblivious Pop 

"The unspoken, and intimate quiet in EDEN's production demands close attention. These moments, are accompanied perfectly with beautifully directed visual mise-en-scène in singles such as 'gold'.  EDEN's music and individual arrangements capture an unusual glimpse into the expression of a civilian; inspired heavily by nuances from everyday life." - Earmilk

says, "Dublin-based EDEN is set to have a big 2018. Get familiar... 'Gold' showcases Ng's songwriting skills and forward-thinking arrangement choices, and it's an exciting look at an artist poised for a breakthrough year." - Pigeons and and Planes