Albert Kass

The L.A. native reveals an intimate and stripped-down element to his soul-bearing music.


"A spare acoustic-driven track that reminds melodically a bit of Neil Young...'Hurricane' is described by Kass as 'my coming of age-you know, that feeling of loss, of coming to terms with the harsh realization that life isn't handed to you.' That narrative of realization is neatly juxtaposed on the track to a subtly sweet main melody." - BlahBlahBlahScience 


“With slicing good vocals, the song imbues the uncertainties, in a nicely neat package, to take on that trip of self exploration.” - Come Here Floyd on “Hurricane”


“Definitely a song, whilst not rock or metal, would fit snuggly alongside anyone’s rock collection as one of those songs that just has a universal reach. “Hurricane” wraps you in a blanket of nostalgia with acoustic guitar, despairing vocals, and a vintage sound.” - Happy Metal Geek