Von Grey 

BlahBlahBlah Science says, "The track which rides a tough-edged ominous (but no less very catchy) groove and a cleverly-arranged set of instrumentals brimming with menace and potency has its origin in VG's love for brooding compositions...'Poison in the Water' is a formidable bit of dark pop with a strength to it that is particularly electric."

Indie Shuffle proclaims, "Sounding like a darker, Lana Del Rey-influenced HAIM, VON GREY's latest is spellbinding. 'Poison In The Water' builds slowly, the throbbing synth melody melding with the dynamic guitar riff as the violin provides another element of intrigue."

The Autumn Roses  is captivated by VON GREY writing, "Like an excited heart it pounds, racing with anticipation as poetry and melody sing within howling breezes. “Poison In The Water” is the shadowed, towering and intoxicating new single..."