Vern matz

Indie tunes for your autumn blues. Formed by a trio of Yale students, Vern Matz toes the line between indie rock, folk and alternative music.


β€œOn their debut single, 'Trampolines,' the band melds acoustic folk sensibilities with experimental flair, resulting in one of the most moving singles of the year.” - The 405

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"It's not hard to hear nods to Ben Folds or Deathcab for Cutie, what with the casual vocal cadence and soft guitar strums. It should be noted that while this feat is often emulated, it's rarely effective. That's not the case with Vern Matz. Made up of three former Yale Students, this trio showcases a maturity in both songwriting and execution. 'Tiny Nuclear Reactor' is the perfect example of that, bringing you a warming simplicity, done so in a way that's carefully thought out." - The Music Ninja 

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 "Its a real little oddball of infectious idiosyncrasy that swirls you round and round in your mind." - Happy Metal Geek