Superheart artwork - 'Flowers' film scan.jpg


From the onset of Luke Batt's new project Superheart, you are taken to a place, where sounds ebb and flow between 80's synth, dark wave pop and today's minimalist ambient efforts. His single "Count On Me" sounds like the perfect combination of Foreigner, Future Islands and Jamie XX. With a soundscape of layered, complex synth electronica, the soft and charming vocals sweep you away conveying the simple idea of being  someones "person". 

The Revue says, "Every week, we need one song that in 30 seconds or less creates a “OMG!” reaction, a song that stirs every emotion in your body and makes you weak in the knees. Today is the day for exactly that kind of song has arrived, and it is called 'Count on Me'."

The Daily Listening says, "Superheart is the new project from musician Luke Batt and we are so smitten! First single, “Count On Me,” is the perfect mix of ambient soundscapes meets a dreamy 80’s synthpop soundtrack...Superheart just won our hearts!"