All Things Go raved about their new track "Honey Honey" describing it as, "An atmospheric sensation that almost transcends pop music altogether, 'Honey Honey' blends the harmonies of early twee pop with the abrupt dimensional shifts of a synthesizer..."

Impose loves "Trails," calling it "triumphant indie pop with retro dance vibes."

"Trails" was a favorite among bloggers, garnering features on Digital Tour BusPOPMUZIKEar To The Ground, and Purple Melon Music .

The 405 says "Buck" "will excite your bones" and "It's an anthem with heavy beats that still finds a way to dance along the city rooftops on a Saturday night."

Do 206 calls it "an indie-pop gem with a driving, danceable beat and infectious lyrics." The song has also been featured by TonspionSound In The SignalsThe Most Radicalist and Gobs Mag.

SISTERS' debut album "Drink Champagne" is available now. Check it out here.