The 405 says of "Midnight Vibes" "RahRah shows she has the vocal and pop chops for a summer anthem. The track balances mellow party pop and glitchy electronic beats, but there's a classic sway in the music...take a moment to chill and let the feel-good vibes of RahRah's 'Midnight Vibes' set you on course for a better weekend."

"Midnight Vibes" has received love from Going SoloMIMLAlfitudeWonky Sensitive, and more! 

"Midnight Vibes" leads you deep into memories of setting suns and late night rides. This crimson song plays effortlessly on the edge of soft pop and glitch EDM, toying with rhythmic beats keeping listeners entrenched in the sound. RahRah's vibrant vocals entrance you and leave you holding on to the youth that remains. 

Stay tuned for a summer of RahRah.