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All The Rest

All Things Go loves the track calling it "a hard-hitting revival of the raw energy borne from personal struggle and perseverance. As it rides on waves of self-determination, the sheer force of will carries you through the void."

Emerging Indie Bands claims that, "The mix of dirty blues guitar and preppy pop vocal give All The Rest a space of their own in a crowded-market...The fact that I am suggesting you spend time in their company indicates that I think in Black Plague it works successfully..."

All The Rest has been featured on Alfitude's New Music Playlist. 

 "Black Plague" captures the ebbs and flows of life throughout its production. Moments of complete chaos are followed by moments of sweet serenity. This punchy rock tune is gritty and heartfelt - the epitome of freedom, as the lyrics suggest, letting go of the ties that ultimately bring you down.