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me not you

Stereogum described their new single 'Relief' as "A powerhouse track in the tradition of Garbage and Republica, it makes a great impression for its creators, the NYC duo Me Not You". 

Pigeons And Planes says, 'Bulletproof' has a bite to it. It's jagged and sharp, almost industrial at points, and while the vocals float over it all, the song itself that is more '90s alternative than 2016 pop."

Me Not You has received love from Indie ShuffleImposeAll Things GoPause MusicaleThe Autumn Roses, UncannyThe DeliHigh CloudsWonky SensitiveOblivious PopAimless SkylarkingElevtrTrax, Going Solo, Dansende Beren, The Wandering Lamb and Son of Marketing.

Check out the music video for their newest single "Relief"