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me not you

Gold Flake Paint can't get enough of the new track "Kill the Noise," claiming, "Me Not You immerse themselves within the icy waters of tranquility and cacophony and find a disorienting angle of sharpened dissonance and bold vulnerability." 

All Things Go raves about this duo, saying "[MNY] makes a repeat appearance today thanks to a fresh remix of the track from some other favorites of ours: Little Daylight. It's a heavy, glitchy take on the original that works surprisingly well."

"Bulletproof" reached #3 on Hype Machine's Popular Charts, garnering coveted spots on Spotify's Viral Charts and Fresh Finds Playlist. The track won over tastemakers with its poignant lyrics and enthralling soundscape. 

Me Not You has received love from Indie ShuffleImposeAll Things GoPause MusicaleThe Autumn Roses, UncannyThe DeliHigh CloudsWonky SensitiveOblivious PopAimless SkylarkingElevtrTrax, Going Solo, Dansende Beren, The Wandering Lamb and Son of Marketing.

Check out the music video for their newest single "Relief"