Equal parts heartbreaker and nose-breaker, Madge is an LA-based DIY punch-pop producer striving to crush the industry's gatekeeper culture and boys' clubs. 

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"Opening with what sounds like a sample from an classic suspense movie, it's impossible to peg where the track is going to end up. Even beyond that, you'll still be guessing after the crunchy guitar riff and childlike voices kick in. In fact, you might expect someone to come in and lay down a hot hip hop verse. Instead though, you're welcomed into softly-sung, ethereal vocals. It's such a jarring juxtaposition, and one that works beautifully." - The Music Ninja 

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"In an industry that tends to produce and above all reproduce the same sounds over and over again, Madge sounds like a breath of fresh air." - Highclouds

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"This song is wonderfully strange... she always takes you right outside your comfort zone, only introducing a “comfortable” element at the exact moment you start looking around for an exit." - We Found New Music