Newly launched artist G.Smith has already garnered attention from some of the biggest taste makers in music.

Pigeons and Planes writes of her new single "X", "It's experimental pop music at a high level, combining edgy electronic production, chopped vocals, and a soaring chorus."

Riding the border of alternative pop and electronic music, G.Smith skillfully fuses genres with this track. The grungy soundscape, juxtaposed with ethereal vocals, brings you to a place of contemplation, where the lyrics urge reflection.    

Wonky Sensitive says of G.Smith's 'Life Out', "lyrics feel lonely and vulnerable with an edge to them that makes you scared that she'll bite your hand off."

Hillydilly described her new single "Life Out" saying, "the vocals are considered, yet emphatic, and the electronic production behind is beautifully textured with a series of intricate subtleties—a dream for those who appreciate an exquisite composition."

G.Smith has also garnered attention from We Are Going Solo, The Burning Ear, Ones To Watch, and more.