Deanna Devore 

The Chicago and Toronto based artist utilizes her hypnotizing vocals and her inventive production skills to create stunning music. 

"'A Cause' starts off with a kick that mirrors a beating heart. Perhaps, it is synonymous with the way you feel when in a search for something unjustifiable. Before the chorus begins, that metaphorical heart stops and ushers us into the mental web of deciding your next move....[if] you just love good new music, lend Devore your ear." -Grungecake 

"A perfect companion for your "cruising" playlist, you won't get enough of this hauntingly beautiful voice!" - True Music Network 

"The song is a dark track with Devore's powerful vocals making you feel every ounce of her emotions. The song is well worth the listen from the moment you press play. "A Cause" is so powerful you won't take it off repeat." - Imperfect Fifth on "A Cause"