Coastal Clouds

Earmilk says of the EP,  "A collection of songs about transition and moving to a new town, Nothing to Hide recalls the spirit of the Beach Boys while remaining forlorn and poignant in its writing."

Buzzbands LA said of the EP:

"There's nothing overcast about the guitar tones on the EP, which was released last month - "Wanna Come Down" sounds like it belongs on an '80s John Hughes soundtrack, as if Simple Minds covered a Tom Petty song. "Slow Rider" leans toward the softer side of California Country, and when you pop the cork on "Bottle of Sunshine" you can almost see the couples gliding leisurely down the boardwalk at the beach."

EarToTheGround Music says of 'Bottle of Sunshine', "This track feels like it was just uncorked from a time capsule...It perfectly fits a summer beach vibe and I think you should kiss someone beautiful while you listen to it."

BlahBlahBlah Science loves 'Nothing to Hide' and its relatable lyrics claiming, "the track's West Coast sound composed of sunny guitar arpeggios, a spare lo-fi rhythm track, and a sweet bit of great melodic writing belies... the song's lyrical impetus."

Impose Magazine is charmed by the summery vibe of 'Nothing to Hide' and says, "Coastal Clouds new track 'Nothing To Hide' somehow providing sunshine straight out of Santa Monica, our efforts are going that much better!"