cautious clay

Josh Karpeh AKA Cautious Clay brings a fresh sense of authenticity to minimalist indie R&B. His hauntingly beautiful voice time and time again transports us with his tranquil cool soundscapes. 

Pigeons and Planes calls Cautious Clay, "A 24 year-old singer with a bright future," and added "Cold War" to their 'Best Songs of the Week'". "'Cold War,' the latest single from D.C. native and Brooklyn-based Artist Cautious Clay, is a smooth journey from start to finish. Clay's voice is soothing as it effortlessly floats over the glimmering production." 

Complex says, "Late last year, New York-based artist Cautious Clay made an impressive debut with his single 'Cold War'—an addictive track featuring lyrics that detailed the difficulties every 20-something goes through in the dating realm. Today he returns to kick off the new year with his latest single, 'Juliet + Caesar.'"