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Brother brother

Our newest addition, Brother Brother, bring a much needed addition to the alternative, indie rock world with their track "Feels Like 1901".

Atwood Magazine says of the track: 

Urgency courses through Brother Brother's new single 'Feels Like 1901' an indie rock anthem that rushes out of the gate to hit you with immediacy and passion... they carry the same lasting message that rockers throughout the past 50+ years have lived by, from Lou Reed to Springsteen and beyond. They don't speak for today, tomorrow or yesterday; rather; they invoke a feeling of restlessness and of displacement.

Mystic Sons says, "Indie-rock duo get nostalgic on their latest toe-tapping release"

From the onset, this track has you engulfed in its punchy soundscape. Electric guitar, drums, and a catchy melody will have you singing along and rocking out. Full of spirit and vitality, this is a feel good track through and through.