C-Heads Premieres Madge Video

Equal parts heartbreaker and nose-breaker, Madge is an LA-based DIY punch-pop producer striving to crush the industry's gatekeeper culture and boys' clubs. Her new track, "Alice," is electric, eclectic, and alluring and now she's got a DIY video to go with it. 

C-Heads says, "The LA-based indie pop artist has managed to find a sound that is incredibly unique, yet accessible. She's an artist for artists, but also for the kids. Doing all of the writing and production herself, she's found a way to run bubblegum far into left field, and seemingly without much effort. Today, she offers us a glimpse into what she calls "the Madge universe." A sugary, yet slightly terrifying realm where her dear friend Alice resides."

Ones To Watch Premieres Saint Mesa Video

Saint Mesa's single, "Murky,"  now has a stunning video to accompany it.

Ones to Watch says, "In case you haven't heard the masterpiece that is Danny McCook's (A.K.A. Saint Mesa's) 'Murky,' the track feels like a ritualistic battle song, dripping with foreboding intensity. The song's innate cinematic presence yearns to be accompanied by an equally omnipotent video, one that embodies and escalates the raw power of the composition." 

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 1.26.46 PM.png