The 405 Premieres Albert Kass

It is hard not to fall in love with the sounds of Albert Kass. This L.A. native possesses a serenity that is hard to grasp but does so in his grabbing single "Same Lie," from his forthcoming Young Old Man Album.

The 405 says, "It's an alluring endeavor, infused with gentle warmth neighboring its sonic edges...A self-described "late bloomer" who has shifted career paths to find his way here, Kass' music strikes listeners to their cores. On 'Same Lie' Kass embraces fleeting youth with spirited tenacity and unequivocal desire."

The 405 Premieres Nightseason

The electrifying duo Nightseason are here with their Coasts EP, a stunning collection of tracks touching on themes of love written exclusively via email. Cut from the same cloth as artists like Yoke Lore, Sir Sly, and Alt-J, Nightseason mixes alt-rock instrumentation with ambient pop elements, resulting in their moody, get-down jams.

Their new track "Wear The Treads Off" from the EP is a slow-burner, wrought with emotion and sincerity. Nightseason tells the story of someone who has given up on love as you hear the heavy-hitting line, "I don't believe in love anymore."

The 405 writes, "the track is a balmy effort, floating through the canal of downtempo alt-rock while overlooking an ambient pop landscape that one wouldn't want to dare pass up...the pair dig deep here with great empathy and strong conviction. The end result is heady and may have listeners feeling a sense of palpable desolation if their mindset is thinking 'I don't believe in love anymore' as well."