BlahBlahBlahScience Premieres Albert Kass

Albert Kass is here with his new single "Hurricane!" In the vein of Neil Young meets Real Estate, Kass is closing out 2018 with new single "Hurricane" from his forthcoming album.

BlahBlahBlahScience calls it, "A spare acoustic-driven track that reminds melodically a bit of Neil Young...'Hurricane' is described by Kass as 'my coming of age-you know, that feeling of loss, of coming to terms with the harsh realization that life isn't handed to you.' That narrative of realization is neatly juxtaposed on the track to a subtly sweet main melody."

The Music Ninja Premieres Vern Matz

Indie trio Vern Matz are back with their follow-up single "Tiny Nuclear Reactor." The Music Ninja says "It's not hard to hear nods to Ben Folds or Deathcab for Cutie, what with the casual vocal cadence and soft guitar strums. It should be noted that while this feat is often emulated, it's rarely effective. That's not the case with Vern Matz.”

Listen here!

We Found New Music Premieres Tangie Town

Tangie Town, the musical project of Los Angeles-Portland based brother duo Sam and Sloan Martin, bring a breezy, nostalgic sound to their debut EP. Donning 4 unique tracks, it's an album for winding road trips, evenings under the stars, or a night out in a neon metropolis. 

We Found New Music writes, "Each melody is equal parts haunting & compelling, simultaneously getting stuck in your head and under your skin."

Tofer Dolan Releases "Baby Daddy"

Looking for the a good-ol summer bop? Look no further. Tofer Dolan's "Baby Daddy," twists the typical elements of pop-music into a Picasso-esque, surrealist experience. 

It was a late-night dream the sparked the start of Tofer Dolan, the musical project of singer Asher Roth and producer Oren Yoel. Tofer Dolan is a departure from the artists' previous musical ventures and their debut into the alternative-pop world. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed. 




The Music Ninja premieres The Solarists

The Provo based indie-rock band, The Solarists, are here with their new track "Wait For It." The Solarists are bringing a little sunshine to this gloomy Monday. 

The Music Ninja calls it "A perfectly intertwined duo of dreamy, wandering verses and a rowdy-as-hell chorus, this tune catches your attention early and grips it throughout the whole ride...With a sound as infectious as theirs, it shouldn't come as a surprise when these guys really starting picking up steam." 

This Song is Sick Premieres Fakear

Fakear is making moves! After garnering notable attention for his recently released "Lost in Time,"  Fakear is here with the release of his newest track, "Something Wonderful feat. Ana Zimmer." 

This Song is Sick says, "Fakear has blown us away with 'Something Wonderful' ft. Ana Zimmer. The track is a stunning blend of atmospheric production paired with driving drumbeats and addicting vocal chops. The instrumentals convey a feeling of warm, calm energy while Ana's vocals give the track a clear-cut catchiness that leads the listener into each drop." 

Billboard features Stevie Wolf

Stevie Wolf's "Yves Klein Blue" is out now! Stevie won us over with his powerfully vulnerable  tracks and he's done it again with this edgy track, "Yves Klein Blue." 

Billboard says, "Stevie Wolf's latest track is another peek into his soulful, electronic-tinged sound. Over bluesy melodies that give way to a booming hook, the singer tackles the complexities of loneliness and human connection, asking: "Could you ever know me at all?""


Deanna's debut track, "A Cause," is out now!  Grungecake says, "'A Cause' starts off with a kick that mirrors a beating heart. Perhaps, it is synonymous with the way you feel when in a search for something unjustifiable. Before the chorus begins, that metaphorical heart stops and ushers us into the mental web of deciding your next move....[if] you just love good new music, lend Devore your ear." 

You can listen here: 

Cautious Clay on ThisSongIsSick

Cautious Clay breaks down his track "Cold War" and delivers this beautiful acoustic version. Check it out HERE.

This Song is Sick says Cautious Clay "has a hypnotizing, unique sound putting a indie spin on hip-hop, and we can't get enough of it...he shines atop the backdrop consisting of guitar and percussion until he picks up a saxophone to bring even more soul making for an amazing take on his already great song. Don't sleep on Cautious Clay..."

Mines Falls on Earmilk

Brother duo, Mines Falls, bring us their newest gem "In the Rain." 

Powerful and striking from the get-go, a moody piano melody, soft high-hat and electronic beats lay the foundation for this breathtaking track. There's a strength and sadness in the vocals that is almost tangible. "In The Rain" merges the lyricism of a ballad with an urgent tempo. This song sounds like how standing in the rain feels: it overwhelms and takes over all of your senses, leaving you powerless to the forces out of your control. 

Novo Amor in Toyota Commercial

The breathtaking "Carry You" from Novo Amor's debut EP, Bathing Beach (out earlier this year), has made its way to the big screen. Check it out in Toyota's holiday commercial below. 

Love the song? Add it to your Spotify playlist here. 

Novo Amor - lead press shot lo-res (credit Rhodri Brooks).jpg

Shiffley on Impose

The indie-rock foursome, Shiffley, shift from the bouncy energy of their previous track and bring us the rolling "Drawing Skulls." A moodier and darker soundscape sets the tone for this track, but Shiffley incorporates a playful twist into the instrumentation, making for another killer track. By paving their own path in the indie rock world, Shiffley reminds us that "you can do the things you want to do."

Impose  says, "'Drawing Skulls' exudes that anxious wanderlust...The platforms of didactic are dismantled for a moment of enthusiastic elation as Shiffley exhibits a new & refreshing energy..."

EDEN on Pigeons and Planes

The incredibly talented EDEN has completely won us over with his genuine and stripped down new single, "gold." Without losing sight of who he is, EDEN plays around with different sounds in this new track and perfectly captures the beauty in growing up and self discovery. 

Pigeons and and Planes says, "Dublin-based EDEN is set to have a big 2018. Get familiar... 'Gold' showcases Ng's songwriting skills and forward-thinking arrangement choices, and it's an exciting look at an artist poised for a breakthrough year." 

2018 - the year of EDEN? We're totally on board. 

Fred Page on The Burning Ear

We are so thrilled with the release of Fred Page's new track, "Saw It Off." We fell in love with his single "Miss Me Too," released earlier this year, and now Page brings us another hit. Evocative of the vocal stylings of Kaleo, the top-notch songwriting of James Vincent McMorrow, and the timelessness of Nick Drake, you'll undoubtedly fall in love too! 

The Burning Ear says, "From the jaunty guitar line that's practically jumping out of the speakers, to the way the beat seems to get shut off for a second at tend of the choruses, Fred Page makes each element contribute to themes of his lyrics...The result is reminiscent of Ben Howard, but much livelier and easier to envision in an arena. 'Saw It Off' might just be your next big hands-in-the-air anthem." 

Shiffley on The Burning Ear

Bound to get your toe tapping and head bobbing, Shiffley is just what the doctor ordered. "Up & Down" is full of good vibes with a sound that echoes the liveliness of Youngblood Hawke combined with the spirit of Jr Jr. This young band blends clever lyrics, pop-rock elements and incredible instrumentation to bring us an all-around stellar track.  

Head on over to The Burning Ear to check out the premiere and listen to the track here