August Rosenbaum reinvents "Credo" with "Credo, Pt.II" ft. Coco O.

This may just be the feel good song of the year.  As a renowned pianist and composer, August brings us his new track "Credo, Pt.II" (ft. Coco O.), a reinterpretation of his original track "Credo." Rosenbaum's forthcoming album Vista is out on Nov. 24th. 

"Credo, Pt. II" has a beautifully arranged soundscape and is magnificently intriguing. While the original track, "Credo," was an instrumental masterpiece, Part II is the perfect progression. Featuring Coco's enchanting vocals, this somewhat dark and mysterious track tells a story we've all experienced. 

Check out the premiere on Vinyl Fantasy! They call it, "simply a wonderful piece of music."