Catalina on The Music Ninja

We are so thrilled to introduce Catalina to the Village! Here with their new track "After All," Catalina has created the perfect soundtrack for the winter days ahead. Characterized by its vulnerability, "After All" is a journey through a sea of emotions, reminding us that in the end, all things have a way of falling into place.

Head on over to the The Music Ninja for the exclusive premiere! 

Still A Great Night on The Burning Ear

 Still A Great Night brings us a poignant social commentary on the world we've come to declare "normal" with his newest single, "Still A Great Night." Bringing light to the social issues around us, Still A Great Night leaves us with the ever important message "I still believe that life can be something so very beautiful."

Be sure to give it a listen

Shiffley on The Burning Ear

Bound to get your toe tapping and head bobbing, Shiffley is just what the doctor ordered. "Up & Down" is full of good vibes with a sound that echoes the liveliness of Youngblood Hawke combined with the spirit of Jr Jr. This young band blends clever lyrics, pop-rock elements and incredible instrumentation to bring us an all-around stellar track.  

Head on over to The Burning Ear to check out the premiere and listen to the track here

Brother Brother on Aipate

The infectious Brother Brother are back again with their newest single "Better Places."

Head on over to Aipate for the exclusive look at their new track! 

Marlins Dreaming on Impose

We are thrilled that the heartthrob duo, Marlins Dreaming, has brought us a brand new video for their recently released track, "Cheeky Kids." 

Impose  says, "Have you ever unexpectedly stumbled upon a tune that you just cannot stop playing throughout your day? A tune that you can completely relate with that makes you happy?...Marlins Dreaming-Cheeky Kids is an independent track indeed, as it makes us feel fresh and brand new. It's music that you'd want to hear while making some of the best memories in your life."

Rotana on LA Weekly

The sensual, riveting, and captivating Rotana reveals her truest self with the release of her "Over You" video. 

LA Weekly sat down with Rotana diving into what makes her the artist that she is. Head on over  for the exclusive and check out Rotana's "Over You." You don't want to miss it. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 1.26.03 PM.png

Cautious Clay on B3Sci

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Josh Karpeh AKA Cautious Clay brings us brand new track "Cold War!"

BlahBlahBlah Science says, "We love this song! 'Cold War' new from Cautious Clay blends a diverse melange of styles into a remarkably accessible and listenable pop song (this song could be a hit on pop radio right now) that we can't stop spinning." 

Check out the premiere here and be sure to go give his song a <3 on Hype Machine!

Teenage Love on All Things Go

Teenage Love has returned with their quirky single, "Sweaterface" which is everything you need and more. 

All Things Go explains, "It's the problem everyone has of lending things to friends - you're never getting it back on time and when you finally do, there's something wrong and it's too late to fix. Prompt vocals pair with playful production that perfectly conveys that stress, but brings us right back to the inevitable "I forgive you" moment."

Sure Sure on KCRW

After a summer full of hits, Sure Sure is back with the release of their newest jam "Hands Up Head Down". KCRW premiered the track saying, "The new single, 'Hands Up Head Down,' is by far my favorite thing I’ve heard from this band. It contains one of the most ear catching melodies, and snazzy piano lines that I’ve encountered in ages. It’s as if it was designed specifically to make me smile, and to make you smile, and to make anyone that enters its path smile." 

Head on over to KCRW to check out the premiere and listen to their new track! 

School of X Releases His EP Faded.Dream.

School of X- the solo project of Rasmus Littauer - brings us his newest single "Get Higher" off of his EP Faded.Dream., out now!  

Get lost and enveloped by School of X's layered vocals and the smooth jazz elements incorporated into "Get Higher". With a more light-hearted soundscape than some of his other tracks, "Get Higher" is the apology you never got. Warm and sultry, this track is one that just hits the spot. 

Available for download here.


Novo Amor & Ed Tullett Bring Us New music

Novo Amor (Ali Lacey) and Ed Tullett bring us the wistful, reflective, and powerful track, "Silvery" off their upcoming album Heiress, out this November. 

Starting with just keys and captivating vocals, "Silvery" evolves into a beautifully crafted, powerful ballad. As per usual, Lacey and Tullett bring us a chill-inducing song. What starts off as a quiet, mellow track becomes a dynamic story - slowly unfolding before your eyes. 

Listen to the track here . 

Listen to the track here

RahRah on Oblivious Pop

RahRah is back after the release of her single "Midnight Vibes" with her new track "Quiet". 

The warm and electronic soundscape pack a punch while her vocals offer warmth and a depth that is often missing from electronic music. Let "Quiet" usher you into a trance, guaranteed to make you want to dance your loneliness away.

Check out RahRah's new track here


DRESAGE on BlahBlahBlah Science

If you haven't already yet, be sure to check out our new artist Dresage. Unique electronic sounds, bluesy vocals, and a dream-inducing soundscape all come together in this track. Using unusual sonic elements to her advantage, Dresage mixes her bright vocals with a darker tone, taking you to an outer wordly place.  Check out the premiere on BlahBlahBlah Science! 

Sure Sure release "Koreatown"

Sure Sure is taking the music scene by storm and their newest single is out now! After selling out Los Angeles's Satellite, this foursome brings us their track, "Koreatown". 

All Things Go says of the song, "Opening with determined piano keys, soft vocals punctuate throughout while a muffled guitar wails in the background. No section dominates the other as they all work together to bring us pleasant senses of neo-tropical undertones."