Clash Premieres Meyru

Meyru have swept us off our feet with new single “She” from their forthcoming album! Clash gives us a first look at the stunning single and says, "Meyru capture a bit of New York's sweeping grandeur... Gorgeous, watery effects drape themselves across the guitar lines, while the heavenly vocals have this blissful, sighing, choral effect."

The 405 Premieres Albert Kass

It is hard not to fall in love with the sounds of Albert Kass. This L.A. native possesses a serenity that is hard to grasp but does so in his grabbing single "Same Lie," from his forthcoming Young Old Man Album.

The 405 says, "It's an alluring endeavor, infused with gentle warmth neighboring its sonic edges...A self-described "late bloomer" who has shifted career paths to find his way here, Kass' music strikes listeners to their cores. On 'Same Lie' Kass embraces fleeting youth with spirited tenacity and unequivocal desire."

New Music Friday ft. courtship.

courtship.’s hot new single “Guy Stuff” is getting the love it deserves with a placement on Spotify’s New Music Friday! courtship.'s "Guy Stuff" is a tongue-in-cheek ode to the human nature engrained in men. It's one of those songs that gets better with every listen. 

Hillydilly says it’s “yet another infectious dance groove that will certainly take to the masses.”

Consequence of Sound Premieres CLARA-NOVA

We are so obsessed - the mesmerizing and undeniable talent CLARA-NOVA is back with her newest banger, "Free," and if you weren't already in love, you will be after giving this song a listen. 

Consequence of Sound says it's an "airy alt-pop track designed for (and partially during!) top-down drives along coastal highways. It's building layers are the aural embodiment of a weight being lifted, while the beating rhythm provides the driving force to press on to whatever comes next."

Zero releases "Left Alone" / #3 on Spotify's New Noise Playlist

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Zero's new single "Left Alone," off his upcoming EP, is out now! The alt-rock artist continues to impress with his distinct sound. At just 21 years old, this Philly native brings a riveting angst to his music that is compelling, unique, and in-your-face. 

"Left Alone" is even bigger and better than what we've heard from Zero before. It's already received attention from notable tastemakers and was placed on Spotify's New Noise Playlist at the #3 spot! 

Abhi the Nomad releases his Acoustic Marbled EP

Breakout artist Abhi the Nomad has joined the village and his acoustic Marbled EP is out now! Abhi kicked off 2019 with his track "FLUSH" which landed a spot on Spotify's New Music Friday. Now Abhi is gifting us with an acoustic version of his highly-acclaimed.

Abhi explains, "I love the idea of re-imagining music in different lights - Yet, I don't think remixes give way to more depth the same way unplugged or acoustic versions do. There's a different energy captured in these tracks and I think it highlights the songwriting behind these jams that people love mostly for musical qualities, helps you pick up on the words and why they were said when they were. Raw and unfiltered."

Zaia releases single "BLUE"

We <3 Zaia. The 20-year-old Atlanta native sits somewhere between artists like Kid Cudi & Childish Gambino with his style, multi-genred sound, and youthful but commanding energy. His new single "BLUE," embodies all that and more. 

"BLUE" has garnered the attention of notable tastemakers and fans. Hillydilly says "his mature writing and versatile vocals allow him to venture into whichever genre he chooses..."

"BLUE" is a cruise track with a subtle energy and simple lyrics that relay his sentiments perfectly. The ear-worming line, "Well these days I'm just blue," will continue to play in your head after one listen. 

We Found New Music Premieres J. Laser

J. Laser's new song "Waves & Blades," is out now! J. Laser (formerly of M83), fuses modern electronic production with classic song craft to create his inimitable sound. 

We Found New Music says, "Pulsing with a gritty dark electronic energy and moving with a smooth groove, J. Laser builds an intense atmosphere around his airy vocals. It's a song that exists in a state of constant motion, highlighting a vocalist that can soar above captivating sound design." 

Atwood Magazine Premieres Highschool Jacob

Hitting the ground running is funk-extraordinaire Highschool Jacob! HSJ is here with his newest single, "Can't Get Enough," which takes a page out of Daft Punk's book with its retro synth soundscape.

Atwood Magazine says, "Through its heavy funk influences and infectious guitar, the track embeds itself into your mind... HighSchool Jacob's retro synth soundscape is a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of hip hop and grunge that flooded radio waves towards the end of 2018." 

Flaunt Magazine Premieres Superheart

Our favorite dreamy, underwater, antigravity pop artist, Superheart, is back with a new single "Talk About It," which is out now!

Flaunt Magazine writes, "Layered with ambient touches that would make anyone excited to stay in bed a little longer or scurry along to get ready for a night out. The songs hits a powerful progression while still lending its surrounding to a soothing layer of synths heavy production."  

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.33.24 PM.png

BlahBlahBlahScience Premieres Albert Kass

Albert Kass is here with his new single "Hurricane!" In the vein of Neil Young meets Real Estate, Kass is closing out 2018 with new single "Hurricane" from his forthcoming album.

BlahBlahBlahScience calls it, "A spare acoustic-driven track that reminds melodically a bit of Neil Young...'Hurricane' is described by Kass as 'my coming of age-you know, that feeling of loss, of coming to terms with the harsh realization that life isn't handed to you.' That narrative of realization is neatly juxtaposed on the track to a subtly sweet main melody."