Cautious Clay on Complex

The soulful Cautious Clay wrapped up 2017 with a bang. After wowing us all with his impressive original tracks "Cold War" and "Joshua Tree," collaborating with artists like Petit Biscuit and Bipolar Sunshine, and charting on Apple Music's Alternative chart, the Brooklyn based artist is starting off 2018 in a similar fashion. Selected by Soundcloud as "an artist to watch in 2018," Cautious Clay delivers his new track "Juliet & Caesar," and it doesn't disappoint. This track is off his forthcoming EP, Blood Type, out this February! 

Check out Complex has to say about this budding artist. 

Lucaléy on Mystic Sons

The epic duo, Lucaléy, bring us their alt-pop masterpiece "Fire Under Ice."  Pieced together with Ea's masterfully layered vocals atop fantastic synth production that carries a moving beat throughout. Entrancing and bold, this track touches on the fragility of life and breaking the confines that hold us down.

Check out what Mystic Sons has to say about the track and give it a listen HERE. 

MRY on Earmilk

MRY brings back the tropical sounds of summer with his new song "Carribea. Funky guitar licks and a sweet soundscape make for the perfect easy-listening track.

Earmilk says, "The drums and guitars do the heavy lifting, allowing the smooth vocals [to] dance on top of the beat and create a sherbet soaked sunset in the back of your mind that delightfully lingers and beckons for repeat listens."



Novo Amor in Toyota Commercial

The breathtaking "Carry You" from Novo Amor's debut EP, Bathing Beach (out earlier this year), has made its way to the big screen. Check it out in Toyota's holiday commercial below. 

Love the song? Add it to your Spotify playlist here. 

Novo Amor - lead press shot lo-res (credit Rhodri Brooks).jpg

Cautious Clay on The Fader

We fell in love with Cautious Clay's debut single "Cold War" and now it's back with a fresh  remix from IAMNOBODI.

Staying true to Cautious Clay's sound, IAMNOBODI's remix incorporates a darker and heavier R&B influence. Raspy vocals lure you in and a perfectly laid soundscape keeps you hooked. 

The Fader says, "It's a lonely soul song that's only the more cutting when the beat hits hard." 

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 1.35.44 PM.png

Shiffley on Impose

The indie-rock foursome, Shiffley, shift from the bouncy energy of their previous track and bring us the rolling "Drawing Skulls." A moodier and darker soundscape sets the tone for this track, but Shiffley incorporates a playful twist into the instrumentation, making for another killer track. By paving their own path in the indie rock world, Shiffley reminds us that "you can do the things you want to do."

Impose  says, "'Drawing Skulls' exudes that anxious wanderlust...The platforms of didactic are dismantled for a moment of enthusiastic elation as Shiffley exhibits a new & refreshing energy..."

Mines Falls on Buzzbands LA

As the winter days are slowly but surely approaching, Mines Falls bring us their melancholic, moving and introspective track "My New House," the perfect song for the days ahead.  Come check them out TONIGHT at Dirty Laundry in Hollywood, 8pm! 

Buzzbands LA says, "Mines Falls is the brother duo of Carson and Erik Lund, who make slo-mo piano ballads that creep across the silver screen of emotions like a cold front, overcast with longing... That piano is somber in the song "My New House," a sample of the duo's forthcoming album "Nepenthe," but with the duo's electronic flourishes and its wistful narrative, it takes on an art-house film's melancholy." 

August Rosenbaum reinvents "Credo" with "Credo, Pt.II" ft. Coco O.

This may just be the feel good song of the year.  As a renowned pianist and composer, August brings us his new track "Credo, Pt.II" (ft. Coco O.), a reinterpretation of his original track "Credo." Rosenbaum's forthcoming album Vista is out on Nov. 24th. 

"Credo, Pt. II" has a beautifully arranged soundscape and is magnificently intriguing. While the original track, "Credo," was an instrumental masterpiece, Part II is the perfect progression. Featuring Coco's enchanting vocals, this somewhat dark and mysterious track tells a story we've all experienced. 

Check out the premiere on Vinyl Fantasy! They call it, "simply a wonderful piece of music."

EDEN on Pigeons and Planes

The incredibly talented EDEN has completely won us over with his genuine and stripped down new single, "gold." Without losing sight of who he is, EDEN plays around with different sounds in this new track and perfectly captures the beauty in growing up and self discovery. 

Pigeons and and Planes says, "Dublin-based EDEN is set to have a big 2018. Get familiar... 'Gold' showcases Ng's songwriting skills and forward-thinking arrangement choices, and it's an exciting look at an artist poised for a breakthrough year." 

2018 - the year of EDEN? We're totally on board. 

Fred Page on The Burning Ear

We are so thrilled with the release of Fred Page's new track, "Saw It Off." We fell in love with his single "Miss Me Too," released earlier this year, and now Page brings us another hit. Evocative of the vocal stylings of Kaleo, the top-notch songwriting of James Vincent McMorrow, and the timelessness of Nick Drake, you'll undoubtedly fall in love too! 

The Burning Ear says, "From the jaunty guitar line that's practically jumping out of the speakers, to the way the beat seems to get shut off for a second at tend of the choruses, Fred Page makes each element contribute to themes of his lyrics...The result is reminiscent of Ben Howard, but much livelier and easier to envision in an arena. 'Saw It Off' might just be your next big hands-in-the-air anthem." 

FYOHNA on The 405

 FYOHNA's new single "Called It Love" is just the electronic-pop masterpiece you need in your life. The artistic duo never cease to impress us with their incredibly crafted sound. Comprised of Katarina Gleicher and producer Elliot Glasser, FYOHNA takes a huge step forward with their new single. 

The 405 says, "With so much emerging electronic pop music out there, how do you even begin to sift through it all?...Enter FYOHNA...Sonically, the composition pushes and pulls with a standard swagger. There's obvious influence from R&B and even an underlying bedroom pop/ DIY feeling, providing the track a sense of intimacy the lyrics deserve."

Be sure to stay up to date with FYOHNA. This duo are on the brink of greatness. 

Still A Great Night on Tiny Mix Tapes

Flashing clips of pop culture and complex social issues, this video parallels the reality of today. With life being so fast paced and saturated with information, it's easy to become overwhelmed. This video captures the chaos in one perfect song. 

Tiny Mixtapes says, "assuming civilization doesn't come crumbling down around us, odds are both the song 'Still A Great Night' and the star of its video, 12-year-old Lilly Mae Stewart, are going to be extremely popular and in demand in the near future..."

Check out the video below! 

grandson releases new track "Blood // Water"

We are thrilled to welcome grandson, the project of Jordan Benjamin, to the Village. A master of melding genres, grandson takes a step further into the electronic world with his new track, "Blood // Water," out now! 

grandson nails it with his effortless incorporation of rock, electronic, and trap elements in "Blood // Water." A powerful battle cry, this track is fiery, powerful and commanding. No small feat, grandson challenges the bullshit that life throws our way raising the ever important question - how do you fight back? 

Novo Amor and Ed Tullett on It's Nice That

Novo Amor (Ali Lacey) and Ed Tullett take a break from the typical layered, dynamic, and complex tracks they've come to perfect to bring us this simply stunning track. "Terraform" is off their upcoming album Heiress, out November 10th. 

Novo Amor & Ed Tullett - Cavalry.jpg

It's Nice That gives us a first look at the video and sits down with Lacey, Tullett, and the filmmakers. They explain, "'the song itself is about realising, after whatever, that you yourself are 'hospitable' again, that you can support human interaction once more - in a sense 'terraforming' yourself, metaphorically... Ijen feels like it represents that in a more literal way.'"

Catalina on The Music Ninja

We are so thrilled to introduce Catalina to the Village! Here with their new track "After All," Catalina has created the perfect soundtrack for the winter days ahead. Characterized by its vulnerability, "After All" is a journey through a sea of emotions, reminding us that in the end, all things have a way of falling into place.

Head on over to the The Music Ninja for the exclusive premiere!